(NEWS) Waje Finally Shares A Picture Of Her Adorable Daughter


After years of keeping the identity of her 14-year-old daughter in the dark, Pop singer Waje feels it’s time we know who she is. Photo: Instagram

See daughter’s photo when you continue:



Waje has finally introduced us to her beautiful 14-year-old daughter.


Some hours ago, the 31-year-old Pop singer posted a photo of Emerald Iruobe locked in the arms of her mother on Instagram with the caption ‘She makes all the stress,disrespect ND disregard worth it‘.


Waje has become more confident about sharing personal photos of her daughter in recent times – on March 23, 2013 (Emerald’s birthday), Waje posted a photo of the pair playfully covering their faces and in October another ‘unclear’ photo of Emerald in her school uniform.


We are told the 14-year-old (who’s got her mum’s signature smile) attends a Senior Secondary School in Lagos. Waje had her daughter when she was 17.


In September 2013, Waje released a song titled ‘17‘, where she supposedly detailed the current relationship with her baby daddy. His identity remains unknown.


We do however know Waje in the past, dated Nigerian rapper Gino.


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