(NEWS) Pastor Beats Accused Witch Woman To Death In Lagos Church [DELIVERANCE]

Tawakalitu died last November after a prolonged illness and under strange circumstances. Her death has strained the relationship between her family and her husband’s in whose custody she died after her mother was denied access to see her for a month.

 Reportedly, Mrs. Oluranti Adesina, Tawakalitu’s mother said that Razak, his father and the leader of a white garment church where her daughter died, know something about the young woman’s strange death.


Grief-stricken and bitter over her daughter’s sudden death, she said: “ Razak came to take her away from me, saying that he didn’t want me to come and see her, except her elder brother and one of my sons-in-law. He said he took her to a white garment church where my daughter was being attended to by his father and leader of that church. The strange thing is that my daughter was there for a month and he insisted I must not come to see her. My daughter couldn’t even see her child. I bought her a cell phone with which she could call me but I gathered that her husband took the phone from her, and removed the sim card in it.


“Each time I asked Razak about my daughter, he would say I shouldn’t be worried, that once she is well, she would come and see me. I want to believe my daughter suffered in great pains before she died in that church, this is because my son once came to tell me that he caught the church leader once while he was using cane to flog her. He said that the church leader held a cane while my daughter was protesting that she be allowed to rise up and rest her back on the wall. She was on a drip then. My son said he had to stubbornly carry her up to rest her back as she demanded. I wonder what the cane the church leader held was meant for? Is that treatment or ill-treatment?


“My daughter eventually died in that church. It was when she died that I eventually found out that the church they took her was right here in Lagos. Meanwhile, Razak was telling lies to me that he has been taking her to different churches outside Lagos. I later found out that the church in which my daughter died is owned by Razak’s father and his friend, who is in charge of the church.”


She disclosed that when she discovered that her daughter was being flogged with cane in the church under the guise of delivering her from craft, she made attempts to save her life by taking her away from them but was resisted. 


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