(NEWS) Nigerian Designer Uche Nnaji In Police Trouble Three Months After Wedding


Three months after his wedding, Nigerian designer Uche Nnaji says he has been unlawfully detained by the Nigerian Police Force for allegedly threatening a man’s life.


The CEO of fashion brand OUCH! through a Blackberry broadcast message said he returned from Abuja (where he was over the weekend, honoured by the President of Nigeria in Aso Rock) at about 1PM on Monday, December 16, 2013 and made his way to the Special Investigation Bureau office in Ikeja only to be detained.


‘7 hours after I got to the police with my lawyers whom was waiting for me here and a surety, the police tactfully delayed their effort  and said I have to be detained here till tomorrow as the OC in charge skilfully left the office at 5PM’, Nnaji wrote.


Nnaji says he’s being detained because a certain Mr Kelechi Mbagwu reported that he threatened his life. He described Mbagwu as a ‘money bag’ who the Nigerian Police ‘is playing to his tune’.


A call was placed to Mbagwu who neither responded nor replied our text messages as at the time of this report.


‘I could have kept mute and called all the people I know to call the IG or CP but I need the Nigerian youths to take this matter up’, Nnaji says. 


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