How To Make Your Partner Love You Forever [A Must Read]

The Love Doc, he has been away for some while but he’s around again… Check his previous posts on Love Arena This time it’s about How To Make Your Partner Love You Forever!

Though nothing last forever but with prayer and the right attitude you can be happy forever and letz not forget, GIVE Your Partner Enough Bed Room Food.

Dear Readers,
If you want to make your partner happy and to make your relationship last forever; 
1. Learn to pray together
2. Respect each other
3. Support one another in any possible way, be patient to one another.
4. Encourage each other, be understanding, when you do any mistake or hurt your partner, accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
5. Learn to forgive your partner if he or she is in wrong.
6. When your partner irks you, say it out to him or her, don’t pile anger.

To be continued…….. Please share your Comments below if you can’t wait to read the remainder.

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Show appreciation towards each other, learn how to compromise and avoid being defensive all the time. 

Maintain the communication; make sure you always check on one another throughout the day. 

Text your partner any simple message, (Hi love, Have you had launch? Are you okay darling? Goodnight, I miss you, Good morning) it will show that you always think and care about him or her. If you have got sufficient credit then call on him or her. Trust one another, don’t listen to rumors, be creative in your relationship (once in a while surprise your partner) and be proud of one another.

Trust is the best way to love your partner don’t double date.


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