I Caught My Husband Pants Down With My Neighbour’s Daughter Having Hot and Sizzling Sex


“I Caught My Husband Pants Down With My Neighbour’s Daughter Having Hot and Sizzling Sex”

Adebola Bassey of 13 Ahanor Street, Ajao Estate in Lagos State filed a divorce case against her husband Inyang Bassey on the grounds of infidelity and irresponsibility. Adebola told the customary court that her three years of marriage to Inyang have been hell on earth. 

Adebola told the court: 
If I knew it would end up this way, I would never have married this man. Despite the opposition I faced from my family when I wanted to marry him, this is how he wants to pay me back. He is a dog that goes after anything in skirt. 

Imagine, I caught my husband pants down in bed with my neighbour’s daughter having hot and sizzling sex. That is the peak of it. I see all manner of text messages on his phone and some of them even have the effrontery to come look for him at home under the pretext that they are customers. I am tired of this marriage and want it dissolved. 

Inyang on the other hand did not want the marriage dissolved. He admitted that he was caught in bed with another woman by his wife. But he insists that the girl was just a demon created to scatter his home. I have wronged my wife but I did not do it intentionally. That girl is just a demon sent to scatter my marriage.

It was as if she used charms on me. I am sorry about the situation and will want my wife to forgive me. I am ready to do everything to make the marriage work. I am still interested in the marriage. 
At the end of the hearing, Mr. Sam Aluko, the court president adjourned the case to October 22, 2013 for possible reconciliation.


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