(NEWS) Why My Children Won’t Look For Their Father’s Relations And Friends – Gbenga Adeboye’s Widow

Lara Gbenga Adeboye


This is serious,i wonder why widows do suffer in Africa s. May God help us all.

Omolara Gbenga-Adeboye is the wife of the late comedian, Gbenga Adeboye. She speaks with Nigerian Tribune on life after her husband’s death. Excerpts

It’s 10 years since the death of your husband, Mr. Gbenga Adeboye. Can you tell us in specific terms those things you miss about him?
I miss everything about him; everything one can think of. And it’s been mixed feelings for me and the children in the past 10 years.

What has been the relationship between you and relations and friends of your late husband in the last 10 years?
We do not visit each other, and my children do not even remember them and they do not come looking for my children and me – unlike when my husband was alive. Well, I guess everybody is very busy. Ese giri giri n’ile Anjofe; Anjofe ku tan, a o r’enikan (People usually flock to the home of the free giver; but as long as he dies, they flee). Definitely, my children cannot look for them because I remember many years ago when one of the children mistakenly accused an artiste (name withheld) of stealing two of his father’s cars. When (the man) told me, I was shocked. I asked why he had to embarrass the man that way, he said the man was one of his father’s brothers who took away two of his cars. This is to let you know how bad the situation was. The little boy did not know his late father’s younger brother well, but he saw somebody who to him resembled his late father’s brother. I scolded the boy (for accusing an innocent man wrongly) and told him to never say that again. I also apologised to (the man). These are children who were hurt by the death of their father and they could see that their father never really had a family (relations) as they grew up. No matter what, should any family say because they hate a wife, they should deny their own children?



Is it true that you and your children have been able to live comfortably because the royalty on your late husband’s works is being paid into your bank account? How true is this?
Who is giving us the royalty? It is a very big lie! Since the demise of my husband, I have not stepped into his office and I am not even here for that. And whoever has been collecting it does so at his own risk, because he will one day give an account of every kobo before God. Whatever they have taken without my consent, they will vomit one day – in fact very soon!


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