(A MUST READ) Shame On Pastors Who Live In Luxury While Church Members Are Broke (A MUST READ)




Great Article by frosbel on NL, felt i should share it with you all; Any Pastor who lives in luxury and opulence while his church members are broke and struggling to make two ends meet, is in great danger of damnation.

A Pastor who flies in a private Jet worth millions , while a church mother cannot afford to feed her kids has lost the plot and might be a charlatan. Any Pastor who lives in a mansion worth millions , while a father in the church cannot pay his house rent and bills has to be a charlatan.

Any Pastor who calls poverty a disease instead of an opportunity to do charity is a crook. Any Pastor who preaches on Money more than any other subject is definitely a crook. Any Pastor who abuses , bullies and intimates his broke members because they cannot pay tithes should be arrested and charged with extortion. Any pastor who keeps the books to himself and team , despite the money belonging to the church members, should be asked to show transparency in all matters of finance , if he refuses, he should be investigated for fraud.

Any Pastor who asks you to hope for Money instead of working for Money is a rogue. Any Pastor who is close friends to politicians and dubious business men is a compromiser and Demas.


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