5 Exclusive Ways To Impress A Girl On A First Date

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I’ve been on numerous date in my life… More than I needed to actually, and I’ve come across all kinds of characters. Some clueless guys, some over aggressive guys, some boring guys, and definitely some excellent ones. So what makes a guy stick out to you after going on a lot of date? That’s what we’re here to discuss. Those things that those guys do that impress hot babes like us on a first date.

1. Be Prepared With A Plan

There aren’t too many things more impressive than a guy that is prepared for a date. It shows you took some time out to think about how the date will do. You don’t have to have a minute to minute plan (cos that’s weird) but a general plan of how the date will go. For example Dinner, Drinks, then a Lounge. Sounds like a decent enough plan. Just don’t show up and say, “So what do you want to do?

2. Be Clean

When I say clean, I really mean clean. That means take a shower, wear clean nice clothes (you don’t have to have the latest fashion), deodorant, brushed teeth, hair groomed etc. I’m talking be clean. You’d be surprised how being clean can get you up the ladder pretty quick. And if you’re picking her up in your car, make sure that’s clean too. No girl likes a guy that’s just looking anyhow.

3. Bring A Small Gift

You’re trying to impress her right? Bring a small gift. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive. A small box of chocolate, flowers, a bottle of wine etc are examples of little things that you can bring. It will go a long way to scoring you some serious points. But make sure it’s nothing too expensive. I mean don’t bring an S4 galaxy in the name of a gift. You might come off as too strong or focusing on showing off. Something thoughtful and small does the trick. I’m sure before the date you would’ve found out something she would like.

4. Communicate Well

This is probably the most important part of the date after #2 of course. Be a good communicator. That means ask questions, listen to her talk, look into her eyes and don’t colonize the conversation. Don’t talk too much about your achievements (as Nigerian men tend to do) or talk about yourself the whole time. Get to know her. It should be a dialog not a monolog.

It also helps to be funny, but don’t try too hard.

5. Pay For The Date

Unless you’re dutch, please pay the bill. If she offers, please decline. It’s a trick. LOL. It’s not because you want to impress her with your money, or she cant pay for herself. It’s just because it’s the right thing to do. Just fall in line and do as told because believe me, if you don’t, the chances of you hearing back from her is slim to none. Even the big time extreme feminists will not like you for it.


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